Wednesday 5 February 2014

Who bought the most expensive advert spots on telly?

The Super Bowl is considered ‘the game’ in the Professional American Football schedule for many fans. It pits the best two teams of the NFL against each other to find out who is the best each year. But for everyone else, it is the one day of the year where advertisers try to create new and iconic television ads that will be remembered forever.

To book an advert in this year’s Super Bowl, it was a hefty $4 million for a 30 second spot. With a price tag that would zap most advertising budgets, the big guns vie for a coveted spot because of the 111.3 million viewers who will watch the game live and then talk about it the next day at the water cooler and now online as they happen. It is also one of the few events that won’t get recorded and have the adverts fast-forwarded because viewers want to see the adverts.

Some advertisers will use their time slots to promote and strengthen your brand (like Budweiser) while others will promote new products (like many of the car brands). And there is a mix reaction to the adverts and what constitutes as a success and a flop. In today’s social scene, one judge is how many times the advert is viewed/shared/mentioned.

We’ve picked some of our favourites that we think hit the mark for impressive. Some pulled on our heart strings while others were just good concepts.

Budweiser - Puppy Love

Duracell - Trust Your Power

Toyota - Highlander

Jaguar - British Villains

Beats Music - Goldilocks

Kia - The Truth

Microsoft - Empowering

T-Mobile - We killed the long-term contract

Of course these are just some of the 2014 adverts. there are some Super Bowl adverts that were created and have stood the test of time. These ads are memorable and have often been parodied or revived years on. Here are just a few of our favourite ones:

Coca-Cola - Have a Coke and a Mean Joe Green (1980)

Apple - 1984 (1984)

Pepsi - Cindy Crawford (1992)

McDonald's - The Showdown (1993)

Budweiser - Frogs (1995) - When I grow up (1999)

Volkswagen - The Force (2012)

And now we wait for next year and what the creative agency giants will have in store for us.

Did you catch any of the Super Bowl Ads? Where there any that stood out for you?

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