Thursday 20 February 2014

Over 80% of small and medium-sized businesses use social media

With more and more people constantly logged into the social media world, it is no surprise to find out that over 80% of small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) use social media to market themselves. Recent research done by LinkedIn found that of the 81% of businesses that use social media, 94% of them use it for their marketing.

Social media allows SMB to increase awareness of their brand and generate new leads. It is becoming such a standard in marketing plans that having a budget for social media advertising is essential and on the rise.

Facebook and Twitter are the biggest competitors for SMB social media coverage. Facebook has over 25 million active Business pages which shows SMBs see the potential of having a presence in the Social Media realm. Within Facebook, more advertising budgets are being spent and there are ample opportunities to attract new likes, interact with customers and simply build on your business.

Just like Facebook, Twitter has millions of SMB accounts that are being utilised to benefit business. Twitter also acknowledged the increase in SMBs on their platform when they expanded their self-serve advertising platform internationally.

Why is social media becoming the next big chunk of your advertising budget? Because customers and potential customers what to feel an emotional connection to who they do business with.

For example - I may be a marketer but I am also a typical customer. I prefer shopping local and supporting smaller businesses. Not only does it help support the economy but it also means that those unique businesses out there will be able to survive and continue to offer me something different. As I use Facebook quite regularly (personally and professionally), I am happy to get updates about what is going on with the local businesses I use and I enjoy stumbling on something new. More than once I have seen an advert on Facebook that links me through to a new shop or service that I have eventually used. This is less likely to happen if 1) A SMB that I might be interested in does not have a Facebook page; and 2) The SMB does not take advantage of Facebook advertising.

The same holds true for customers who use Twitter the way I use Facebook. In either situation, there is an amazing opportunity waiting to be utilised by small and medium sized businesses. Don’t’ miss out!

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