Friday 17 January 2014

Twitter expands ad targeting for 2014

Twitter has just announced that it will start utilising your own customer relationship management (CRM) databases for targeted advertising in a variety of ways.  This will allow advertisers a chance to specifically target their customers on Twitter with their unique offer or promotion.

In simple terms, a company that has a list of members, newsletter subscribers, customers, etc. can promote an offer exclusively to those members who are on Twitter. The company supplies Twitter with the email addresses of their members/customers and Twitter then matches the information to the accounts and shows the special offer to only those users as a Promoted Tweet. The goal being to increase awareness as well as offer customers special offers encouraging them to be repeat customers.

Twitter is also offering targeting via Twitter IDs. If a company is trying to reach potential customers, they will select certain terms to look for in Twitter account bios and their followers and then be featured as a 'Promoted account' to these potential followers. The goal here is to  increase followers and brand advocates.

This new targeting can work both ways – including and excluding members/potential followers. For example, if you are running a promotion to get new customers using a new list of contacts but do not want this to be seen by current members who fit the Twitter ID targeting, they can be excluded. This allows companies to create very targeted and efficient campaigns.

CRM ads are a step in the right direction for making the most of your advertising budget. If you know you want to utilise Twitter to its fullest potential, this new type of advertising is the way to go. Like the targeted Facebook ads it makes the most of the information available about the users and puts your ad in front of the customers and potential customers that will benefit the most from it.

There is still the risk that a Twitter user will choose not to have ‘tailor ads based on information share by ads partners’ but that does respects the users choice of privacy.

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