Monday 13 January 2014

Make your Facebook page work for you

So you've finally created a Facebook page for your business – great! Now you need to keep it active or you won’t increase your likes, customer interaction or sales. So how do you make the most of your Facebook page without inundating followers with self-promotion that will most likely get passed over?

Make time for updates
The first thing you need to do is set aside some time to come up with your Facebook updates. While spur-of-the-moment posts are great for your personal account, a business page should be a bit more thought out. The purpose of the page is to focus on promoting your brand and interacting with your customers. And this should be reflected in your posts. So setting aside time weekly or once a month to decide what you are going to post about is a must.

Quality not quantity
Many new businesses are tempted to post anything and everything on the page to get likes and make it look like the business is active. This is actually counterproductive. If you post ‘junk’ posts, those whose newsfeed you do appear on will overlook you because they know there isn’t anything for them and might even hide you from their newsfeed. Instead of posting everything you can think of, think about what you want to promote, discuss or encourage your customers to interact about. You will get more likes from good quality posts than from numerous generic posts.

Pictures really are worth a thousand words
Facebook is an image heavy platform and followers are more likely to notice your post if there is a photo with it. And we don’t mean some random photo with your post, it should be relevant to the content but also interesting. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a business that involves cute babies and pets, not all your business photos will be interesting. So you need to consider why you want to post a photo. If you are showcasing a product, make sure the photo represents that product but in appealing way.

Keep it simple
Posts don’t need to be essays to be effective. Keeping them short and to the point is best as followers scan their newsfeeds and tend not to click ‘read more’ unless it is a very interesting post. This applies to your links as well. Usually if you past a link into your update area, a populate link box will come up with a hyper link and image of what you are linking to. Once this happens, you can delete the link from the update itself without deleting the access to the link. This is a good practice as it keeps the update clean.

Call to action
Facebook updates aren’t just for you. They are for your followers and potential followers. That being the case, almost every single post you have should have a call to action, even if it is simply asking what the followers think. If a follower likes or comments on a status/photo, it is more likely to appear in their friends’ newsfeed and increases the potential for more likes and link clicks. But it won’t happen if you don’t encourage followers to interact with you.

Link back
Most business pages serve to push customers back to their company’s website. While posting updates and images is nice, the main purpose is to link followers and potential followers back to your website to increase your sales. So whenever possible, you should include a link back to your website.

Boost your posts

Facebook has a powerful and targeted advertising system enabling you to boost the exposure of your page and posts out to a wider audience via it's paid for advertising service.  Once you've got your page running well, this has to be a key part of your plan to move it to the next level.

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