Monday 12 October 2015

Why Facebook Is The Way Forward For Your Business

Social media is a hugely powerful tool in digital marketing. In order to grow your business you have to be aware of how to fully utilize the capacity of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
Although many small businesses aren’t keen to jump on the Facebook bandwagon, it is imperative to embrace this part of digital marketing. Using purely traditional methods of advertising is not effective enough anymore. Whereas newspapers, television ads and radio support one-way communication, social media creates a two-way street. People can acquire information about your business, whilst also commenting and creating discussion on your updates and events.
However, many small businesses have been bombarded already with reasons why they should get Facebook. The problem now is how to utilize your Facebook page to its best potential. And it has LOTS of potential.
Here are 5 ways to make the most of Facebook:

Manage your profile
Establish a business account if you don't already have one. Ensure your 'About' section is succinct and engaging, differentiating your business from other brands. Ensure to put your website link in your 'About' section. 
There is a strong correlation between amount of content (notes, links, photos, videos) and number of followers. Therefore make sure you have a large gallery of photos, images, videos and blog links permanently and easily accessible on your business page.

Keep your Facebook page active
 Creating engaging posts encourages more people to 'like' your page and improve your chances of being shown in News Feed. Posts should NOT always be promotions as this detracts followers. 80% of your posts should be social and entertaining (yet still relate to your business or products).
Posting relevant links to your page is particularly engaging, as Facebook now enlarges the URL image and title. Uploading photos, images and videos with your status is also eye-catching and more likely to show on News Feed.  Keep posts between 50 and 150 characters; simple and succinct is more appealing.

Link Facebook to other platforms
Merge your other online marketing platforms with Facebook and Twitter. Have your website URL permanently on your Facebook page, and often include it in posts. Ensure you have the Twitter and Facebook logos (and any other social media platforms you use) linked on your website. You can download applications that enable you to stream your Facebook page onto your website, making it even easier for your customers to access event updates and discussions.
You should try to combine your online platforms, such as if someone asks a question on Twitter, you could create a detailed blog post on the issue and link it to Facebook.

Build your Facebook following organically
Reach out to your established networks and spread the word about your Facebook page. Link your Facebook page to your emails and blogs, and print it on flyers and business cards. NEVER buy likes, as this can negatively impact the likelihood of people seeing your content. Create offers and competitions that are only accessible by Facebook followers, and highlight this in email campaigns. Quality fans are more engaged and are more likely to share your content.

Be Responsive
Always acknowledge customer interactions, sooner rather than later. Within the hour is best, within 24 hours vital. Negative comments on your Facebook page? Acknowledge in public, solve in private. Facebook is an amazing resource for businesses gaining feedback, and customers gaining answers and results.
Facebook is a huge force in how your business is marketed. Take advantage of it! Just remember though, don't put all your eggs in the Facebook basket. Make sure all your online social and digital media platforms combined create an incredible marketing strategy.

Right. Now all you to do is try to remember that password for the Facebook page you haven’t visited in months...

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email ( or call: 01189 100 012.

Chris Lunn
Digity, Online Marketing

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