Friday 29 November 2013

Place Pins – The latest feature from Pinterest

Last week Pinterest launched their latest pinning feature, Place Pins. Users can now pin their favourite location whether it is a restaurant, shop or tourist location, you can add an address, phone number and comment about the place. The idea behind the new pin is to create boards that can be utilised while you are out and about or planning your next holiday. In addition to the address, phone number and photos of the location, you can easily get directions to your place pin.

To launch the new pins and show how useful they are, Pinterest has asked over a dozen travel gurus to create special boards like The Top 100 Hotels in the World by Condé Nast Traveler and Angie Eats New York by authors of The Long-Term Traveler's Guide. These boards show how you helpful these boards can be when planning travel or time around town. 
But businesses that utilise Foursquare need not worry about Place Pins just yet. From all the details it looks as though you can create Place Boards based on what you pin but users don’t have the option to browse the area looking for things to do/businesses around your current location the way you can on Foursquare.

Place Pins also fall into the new category of actionable pins. Over the past year, Pinterest has started other types of pins to encourage more interaction and usability with its boards. The addition of Recipe, Article, Product and Movie Pins has made Pinterest that much more of a magnet for users. Each pin type allows users to do more than just pin a photo that they like. These new pins mean you can get the hefty details without having to leave Pinterest.

What does this mean for marketers? Pinterest is coming into its own as one of the top social media platforms that doesn’t have paid for advertising. This means budget wise, you won’t be out of pocket but you will have to invest time into creating boards that will be engaging and followed.

To reach across all the new pins, you will need to make sure all your offerings are Product pinned, your blogs/news items get Article pinned, and that your business is definitely on the map with a Place Pin. And don’t forget that you will want to create interesting boards in general that relate to your business that are sure to catch users attention.

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