Thursday 21 November 2013

Outdoor advertising – revamping a classic

With the amount of advertising that people are inundated with every day via the internet, it is no surprise that advertisers are thinking outside the box to grab attention. The surprise comes when you realise advertisers are looking at a classic form of advertising to do it.

Outdoor advertising has made a comeback in recent years as an advertising medium. But with today’s technological advancements, it is anything but the static billboard that comes to mind when someone says ‘outdoor advertising’. The use of digital screens, social media and near field communication (NFC) technology has taken out-of-home media to new levels of personalisation and utilisation.
New technology can identify general information about those who pass by the screens or cars that drive by the billboards which means advertisers have an opportunity to create specialised, targeted adverts throughout the day. Many can also add social media messages to their advertising to help create the all-important online buzz around campaigns.

Lady Gaga did this with the unveiling of her most recent album. On digital billboards in cities around the world, the cover art of her album was slowly revealed as tweets were incorporated into the information on screen. Over 220,000 strands of conversation were generated from this event on the day.

Another campaign that took advantage of the new technology was the Mini. They launched the ‘Not normal’ brand campaign in London. Over the stretch of a major road, the digital billboards detected Mini drivers and then broadcast personalised messages and even photos for them. There were even some drivers who were encouraged to stop at the next garage to receive a treat such as a bacon roll or flowers for simply being a Mini Ambassador.

What exactly does all this mean for an advertiser? It means that there are unique opportunities out there that aren't reliant on the ‘standard’ avenues of in-home-media. We just have to be willing to think outside the box and look to see how we can interact with potential customers outside the home. There are a lot more opportunities out there now, we just need to have a little fun and think outside the house.

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