Sunday 28 October 2012

Windows 8 Launch

I've just been watching the Windows 8 launch videos and I'm pretty un-convinced it's really going to make the massive impact they are hoping for.  It does look like they have dumbed-down the interface to make it easier and more inspiring for people to flick through and discover but at first glance, the usability doesn't look great.  Perhaps it was the demo but it looked like you need to learn more gestures and rely on their interpretation of the important information & applications which you have in your personal space.  I'm sure it will become more obvious when I start playing with it but as a demo, it didn't get me excited and felt a bit like watching a bad shopping channel rather than history being made.

On the hardware front, I will be intrigued to see how it works on Ultrabooks as that's where I see my usage increasing over the coming year or two.  I've recently reverted to my laptop more from my iPad because of the sheer power of that device and size of the screen.  The issue is portability and battery and Ultrabooks look to be filling those needs nicely.

There's no question there are some very interesting devices which are hitting the market but has Microsoft done enough with this release to compete in the tablet market place...we'll see.

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Chris Lunn, Director
Digity Marketing


  1. I haven't heard anyone say a good thing about it yet. The IT pros I know have had a play and scrapped it in favour of Windows 7. Many are saying this is the best opportunity for Linux yet and Android will continue to dominate.

    1. It's amazing how they keep getting it so wrong isn't's like Vista all over again and people going back and using XP. They might as well scrap every other major update!