Wednesday 1 February 2012

Breakfast With An Olympian...a Great Way to Start The Day!

This morning I attended a business networking breakfast at Windsor Racecourse and it was a fantastic event.  As well as a variety of food and drink to choose from, there must have been over 60 attendees and they had Ben Hunt-Davis MBE speaking.  

Ben rowed for Great Britain for almost a decade, competing at six World Championships and three Olympic Games. The highlight of his sporting career came at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 when he was a member of the Men's Eight that won the Gold Medal, becoming the first British winners of the event since 1912. 

His session centered around how his team focused purely on one question in the build up to the Olympic Games; "will it make the boat go faster?".  This led them to question everything around them; their training regime, how they communicated with other team members, diet etc.  He said they were a sociable bunch but even started asking questions of going to the pub for a regular pint on a Friday night asking himself "will it make the boat go faster?" - as a result of the answer being no, they wouldn't go and focus on other activities instead.  They even opted to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on TV rather than being there to take part!

"Today is going to be a good day because I will make it good!"

It was a very inspirational presentation and I picked up a copy of his book as I'm always inspired by mentally strong characters like Ben and he certainly made me gain more focus on my goals.  As pictured above, I got to have a chat with the big guy and hold his Olympic medal - which I have a feeling is the closest I will ever get to one!

Well done and thanks to the team at Windsor Racecourse!  I'm looking forward to the next event already...

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Chris Lunn, Managing Director
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