Monday 30 March 2015

Digity; Responsive In A Multi-Screen World

The days of simple html or flash are behind us and your business now needs to target users on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, serving content to them in different ways.  The common term for websites which serve all 3 needs is 'responsive'.

It's easy to assume that some types of people will typically just use one type to device to find you but research shows that 90% of people use multiple screens sequentially to accomplish a task over time.  The average person uses a combination of 3 different screens every day and smartphones are the most common starting place for online activities.
When it comes to more complex activities, PCs/laptops are still the most common starting place whereas tablets are the most often starting point for shopping and trip planning.

Depending on your industry therefore, your main focal point for design is likely to change but what these stats really tell us is that we need to be considering all 3 continuously.

The Future For Mobile Only Sites
Whilst having a bolt-on mobile site for your company helps the visitor experience, Google themselves declated back in 2012 that they preferred responsive web design over separate mobile and desktop websites.

The reason is that one single URL makes it easier for Google to search a site for relevant content and therefore responsive websites generally rank higher in search results.

Our multi-screen websites are unique, containing high-powered, built-in features which are designed to meet the needs of your business and customers.

If you would like to see how Digity can help your business, feel free to drop me an email ( or call: 01189 100 012.

Chris Lunn

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