Friday 11 October 2013

Are your social media icons correct?

Interesting icons are a great way to add a visual spice to the links for your social media pages. But did you know that every social media platform has standards they require when using their logo?

In the past year, Twitter has changed their logo from the stylised ‘T’ to the single bird image. If you are still using the stylised ‘T’ on your website then you are infringing on Twitter’s Trademark Policy. 
It is important for your organisation’s social media icons to be as up to date as possible. This is not only good business but it also demonstrates that you are current with the market.

If you need new icons, there are many options available to download for free that meet with the policy standards as well as have an interesting twist to them. We suggest Social Icons for a wide selection.

To ensure you keep on top of all the latest changes and make the most of your social media platforms, contact us today.

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