Saturday 29 October 2011

Downloading eBooks To Your iPhone or iPad? Consider Kindle (Watch TV Advert here)

Earlier this year I saw a Kindle advert which stated that if you're buying ebooks on your iphone/ipad you should really buy them via the Kindle store/app.  Having purchased two kindles earlier in the year for our honeymoon I can vouch for this way of thinking as should you move away from Apple products in the future, you won't lose access to your paid for content (ala via iBooks).  It's great the way the app syncs between your Kindle device and your iPad / iPhone so wherever you are, you should be on the right page!

Watch the TV ad here:

Let us know your views between Kindle and iBooks...


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  1. We took 2 of these on honeymoon with us and they were great. Superb for me as it meant I didn't need my glasses to read, I adjusted the text size instead and superb for my wife as she could download the daily papers via the 3g - even in Mauritius. Brilliant and great in the sun, where my ipad effectively became a mirror...